Invest With Confidence


Work with Integrity. Minimize Risk. Think Creatively. Bring a Human Touch. Better our Communities. Inspire.


Like the Kepler telescope, we are in constant search of opportunity and possibility. We strive to empower our partners and clients with the tools to build financial freedom.


Create a winning team of partners, clients and real estate professionals who value integrity, accountability, ambition and success.


Making exceptional real estate investments available to everyone.

Kepler Properties is a boutique real estate investment company specializing in acquiring and rehabilitating distressed and underdeveloped residential property in the Chicago metro area. We are client-centric and find our inspiration in delivering products that are rewarding for our investors, and visually stunning to our buyers.

A Class Apart

We succeed by building trust, accountability and exceeding the clients’ expectations.

Integrity is part of our competitive advantage. Although setting ourselves apart by investing in high-yield opportunities is the foundation of our business, building long lasting relationships through trust and communication ensures sustainability and continued success.

Connect with us and our network of real estate focused investors and professionals.

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